development in downtown LA
The private sector prefers a single point of contact to engage in economic development projects. City leaders saw the dissolution of the State Redevelopment agencies as an opportunity to create a new division within EWDD — the Economic Development Division — to take a coordinated approach to helping businesses get off the ground and expand building projects.

EWDD seeks to stimulate the economy by leveraging a portfolio of city real estate assets and positioning them for development that creates jobs and revitalize communities.

Real Estate

Whether you are thinking of relocating your business to the Los Angeles area, want to expand your existing business, or want to start a new business, we can help you achieve your dreams and find the perfect location.

Bid Opportunities

A list of current and open bids for the Economic and Workforce Development Department

Business Development

EWDD has developed nine key steps to starting a business in Los Angeles. Many of these steps also apply to existing businesses wishing to expand or relocating your business to the LA area. Let us help you get your business off the ground.

Financing and Development Incentive Programs

The City of Los Angeles offers various financing programs and development tools to assist private business, property owners and developers. These programs are designed to benefit low income communities by creating jobs and providing needed goods and services.

Incentives for small and large businesses are vital development tools for distressed urban communities. These programs have helped create new businesses, jobs, housing, education and healthcare opportunities for thousands of Americans through a combination of innovative tax incentives, federal grants, and partnerships.