apprenticeships examples: welding, commercial art, masonry and auto service
Submission Deadline:  Tuesday, November 7 - 5:00pm (PST)
Proposers' Conference RSVP Deadline:  Friday, October 13
Notice of Intent Deadline:  Friday, October 27

The purpose of this RFQ is to solicit qualifications from organizations or individuals interested in providing workforce consulting services to the LAEWDD for Apprenticeship Workforce Development Strategic Planning and Coordination. It is the vision of the City of Los Angeles to have a robust apprenticeship policy that leads the nation in apprenticeship development, placement, and outcomes.
Apprenticehips are a proven method of workforce development
Apprenticeship models provide flexibility for both apprentices and employers, and by extension, the Workforce System, because there is more than one model to follow and because candidates for apprenticeships can be found both in the adult and youth populations. Employers can work with the California Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) either individually or in groups to create training that is either specific to one employer or can be used across multiple employers, allowing employers to share training costs and leverage resources. Including labor unions in the paradigm opens up even more avenues for apprentices to secure long-term employment.

Based on the viability and flexibility of the apprenticeship model, EWDD is seeking a consultant to:
  1. Determine the availability of apprenticeship opportunities in key employment sectors in the greater Los Angeles area
  2. Provide apprenticeship policy recommendations to the City of Los Angeles Workforce Development Board
  3. Aid in implementing apprenticeship programs in the greater Los Angeles area
  4. Develop and convene, where unavailable, apprenticeship councils to oversee the Department’s apprenticeship programs, including program development and approval of training program curricula in partnership with EWDD
  5. Aid in partnering with pre-existing apprenticeship councils to provide similar services

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Proposers' Conference

A proposers’ conference is scheduled to review the RFQ document, discuss requirements and answer questions. City staff will not provide assistance regarding a proposer’s specific individual submission. All prospective proposers are required to RSVP for the conference by email and attendance is mandatory. Please bring your own copy of the RFQ as copies will not be provided.

Tuesday, October 24 - 10:00am
Economic & Workforce Development Department
6th Floor Main Conference Room
1200 West 7th Street, Los Angeles 90017

RSVP by Friday, October 13
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Technical Assistance

Technical assistance is open beginning October 25 through November 1. All technical assistance questions must be submitted by e-mail only. Please identify the RFQ title on the subject line of your message. The proposer’s question must identify the RFQ page and section of the subject matter to which the proposer is referring.

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Final day to submit questions is Wednesday, November 1
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Mandatory Notice of Intent to Submit Proposal

In order to more efficiently manage the number of potential respondents to this RFQ, submission of the Notice of Intent to Submit Proposal form (Exhibit V) is mandatory. The form may be submitted by email only.

Deadline to Submit Intent Form is Friday, October 27
email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., using "Workforce Development Consultants RFQ – Notice of Intent to Submit" in the subject line