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There are 16 WorkSource Centers and 3 portal offices located throughout Los Angeles with trained Business Service Representatives ready to customize resources, offered in a variety of languages, specifically for your needs.

Each center offers job listings, up-to-date economic and labor market information, skill assessments, local education and training providers. Most locations also have technical resources such as phones, fax machines, copy machines, and computers with internet access. Large and small businesses can benefit from WorkSource support.

Hiring and Training

WorkSource LogoWorkSource Centers can provide your business with complete human resources assistance, all at no cost.
  • Advertise jobs through an extensive network of partners
  • Pre-screen eligible, qualified candidates
  • Supply interview rooms and resources to conduct hiring off-site
  • Conduct job fairs and recruitments to assist in finding potential employees
  • Access labor market information and develop effective job descriptions
  • Provide customized training to upgrade your current workforce
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Layoffs, Downsizing & Business Transition Services

The EWDD Rapid Response Team is trained to support your employees and your business through any transistion process. They help to inform your workers, supply unemployment and insurance forms, and assist outgoing employees with career searches.

Employers & the HireLA's Youth Program

Hire LA's Youth is one of the City's most exciting programs providing young adults "first time" job experience that sets them on the path to higher education and careers.
Hire LA's Youth Participant Video
See how participation in this program can make a real impact on your life, watch Hire LA's Youth Video featuring a local teen who looks back on the real life experience he gained in the program three years ago and where he is today.

Find out how your business can make an impact on the future of LA's economy.
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