Marshawno Gauff was recently hired at the City’s Department of Building and Safety through the Targeted Local Hire Program
Marshawno Gauff, 34, grew up in South Central Los Angeles and returned to Southern California two years ago after earning a degree in hospitality management at San Jose State University and working several years in sales, customer service and management roles.

He had been applying for jobs at the City since he returned to LA without any luck until a cousin informed him about the City’s Targeted Local Hire Program (TLHP).

“I went down to the WorkSource Center. Within three months I had four interviews and a job offer,” he said. “That program really worked!”

Staff at the South LA WorkSource Portal assisted Marshawno with his TLHP application, reviewing it page by page, question by question to confirm that his paperwork was in order, he said.

Today, Marshawno works as an office trainee clerk with the City’s Department of Building and Safety in LA’s Sawtelle area.

“I’m loving it,” he said. “My supervisors are awesome. They’re definitely there to answer any questions.”

Marshawno said he appreciates how working at the City provides job security and great benefits, which was not guaranteed at his previous sales jobs. Marshawno added that he’s excited for his future career options at the City.

“The possibilities are endless,” he said. “I’m definitely looking forward to getting out of my probation period, being able to move up in the City, put my degree and education to use and move up as far as possible.”

Targeted Local Hire Program Success Stories

The EWDD has been working closely with the City’s Personnel Department on the Targeted Local Hire Program, which is designed to help under-served and under-employed Angelenos find an alternative pathway to civil service careers at the City. Approximately 280 positions have been filled to-date, including vocational, custodial and clerical jobs at various City departments.

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