Sir Thomas Maddox received financial and career coaching, which helped him get a job as an electrician
The Vernon-Central/Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC) WorkSource Center provided career and financial coaching to Sir Thomas Maddox, helping him obtain a job as an Electrician.

Sir Thomas searched diligently for jobs, but because he had a criminal record, he was unable to find the job he wanted as an electrician. At the Vernon-Central/LATTC WSC, run by EWDD partner Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD), Sir Thomas received assistance from a career coach to help him navigate the job hunt process.

In addition, Sir Thomas received guidance from a financial coach who motivated him and encouraged him to stay focused. Sir Thomas also attended Financial Opportunity Workshops where he learned how having a secure job would help him build a financially secure future, along with money management skills and savings goals.

Sir Thomas was released from summary probation May 21, 2018, and secured employment the next day on May 22.

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