Tasha North (center) brought her children Michael (left), Sabrina (right) and Levi (far right) to the Hire LA’s Youth pop-up event at LACC
Approximately 715 youth attended EWDD's first ever Hire LA’S Youth Pop-Up Hiring Event on Saturday June 9, 2018. Invitations were distributed to the 5,411 youth who had registered for the 2018 program to-date.

The event was held at three separate locations: Los Angeles City College, Bert Corona High School in the Valley, and the Harbor Region YouthSource Center in San Pedro.

Boyle Heights Technology YouthSource Center participants graduated from a Weatherization Training Program on April 18, 2018. The Program was part of the Compass Rose Collective (CRC) Program.
The City of Los Angeles was one of three cities awarded a grant from the US Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration (DOL-ETA) for “The Compass Rose Collaborative (CRC),” a young adult re-entry program.

The program tackles a serious social problem faced by re-entry youth: the challenge of successfully entering the workforce and educational systems after significant brushes with the law.

A row of LA entrepreneurs are honored at Mayor Eric Garcetti’s 2018 Small Business Summit, where EWDD's Business Response Team held its first official event
The Economic and Workforce Development Department recently launched its Business Response Unit (BRU) to assist entrepreneurs navigating through the bureaucracy of the City of Los Angeles’ departments. The BRU provides identified subject experts across the various City departments.

Since its launch in April 2018, the Business Response Unit has assisted more than 16 business owners to troubleshoot and resolve a wide range of complex issues by coordinating across multiple City departments and offices.

iCare Clean is an East LA based, Latino owned cleaning and maintenance company founded by two industry professionals
Since 2016, the East Los Angeles BusinessSource Center has provided extensive long-term business services to iCare Clean, Inc. The center has guided the commercial cleaning and maintenance company through its launch, growth and expansion to a business with more than $400,000 in sales.

iCare Clean, Inc is an East Los Angeles based, Latino owned company that provides hospital grade cleaning and maintenance services to clients ranging from medical and dental offices, to gyms and production studios throughout Los Angeles. The company was founded by two industry professionals with more 15 years of experience.

Jimmy Arteaga (left) found a job with help from Vernon-Central/LATTC WorkSource Center Career Coach Leo Rios (right)
The Vernon-Central/Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC) WorkSource Center, run by EWDD partner Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD), helped job seeker Jimmy Arteaga find a job at a large retail company based in Santa Monica with a starting wage that surpassed his expectations.

When Career Coach Leo Rios first met Jimmy Arteaga, he was tired and discouraged. Jimmy said that he had been out of a job for several months and that he had exhausted all his savings on his rent and bills.

Sir Thomas Maddox received financial and career coaching, which helped him get a job as an electrician
The Vernon-Central/Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC) WorkSource Center provided career and financial coaching to Sir Thomas Maddox, helping him obtain a job as an Electrician.

Sir Thomas searched diligently for jobs, but because he had a criminal record, he was unable to find the job he wanted as an electrician. At the Vernon-Central/LATTC WSC, run by EWDD partner Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD), Sir Thomas received assistance from a career coach to help him navigate the job hunt process.

The Vernon-Central/LATTC WorkSource Center helped Taylor get two retail jobs
The Vernon-Central/Los Angeles Trade Technical College (LATTC) WorkSource Center provided job coaching and guidance to a young man named Taylor, helping him successfully find retail jobs at Bloomingdales and Burlington.

Taylor was facing many challenges in gaining employment, including a lack of transportation, which hindered his efforts in navigating the workforce. He also did not feel job ready and felt like he was “hitting a wall.”

Participants of the HireLA's Youth Summer Employment Program and the future of LA's economy
Cathay Bank recently donated $30,000 to the HIRELA’S Youth program, providing funding for 10 summer jobs.

The City of Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department (EWDD) administers the HIRELA’s Youth program, an initiative supported by Mayor Eric Garcetti to provide young Angelenos ages 14 to 24 opportunities year-round to obtain their first job and get on a career pathway to become lifelong earners.

The South Region YouthSource Center run by CRCD recently held a financial empowerment workshop for 15 youth participants
The South Region YouthSource Center, run by EWDD partner Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD) successfully tested a pilot financial literacy workshop for 15 youth designed to enhance their financial wellness by teaching them proper financial management.

In collaboration with All Peoples FamilySource Center, 15 YouthSource Center participants were given a two-day financial literacy workshop covering such topics as: basic budgeting, understanding credit reports, credit card usage best practices, credit monitoring apps, identity theft protection, consumer’s rights and protections, and investing in stocks.

The Hollywood BusinessSource Center helped seamstress Oksana Putyatina obtain a $3,000 loan to expand her unique clothing business, RadSeams
EWDD staff referred Oksana Putyatina to the Hollywood BusinessSource Center, which helped her attain a $3,000 working capital loan to expand her business.

Oksana is the owner of "RadSeams," a clothing company that makes art installations, costumes, custom clothing, bags and provides small run production for local designers in the City of Los Angeles.

Adriana Flores Estrada, above, owner of O & A Upholstery, was able to expand her self-made business through the BusinessSource Program
After Adriana Flores Estrada was laid off from her full-time job, she decided to focus 100 percent on her existing business, O & A Upholstery, which specializes in custom upholstery and furniture slipcovers, outdoor patio furniture and wall upholstery.

In early April 2018, Adriana visited the North Valley BusinessSource Center and received an Access to Capital consultation, which helped her decide to expand her business.

exterior of Doña Imelda Tecualpetla's Salvadoran eatery, Restaurante La Union
The South Los Angeles BusinessSource Center provided ongoing guidance to entrepreneur Doña Imelda Tecualpetla, helping her realize her dream of opening her own Salvadoran restaurant, “Restaurante La Union.”

When she was 16 years old, Imelda emigrated from Puebla, Mexico to the US. For the past 23 years, she’s held a series of jobs to support her four children as a single mom. She’s worked as a seamstress, a housekeeper and gained 14 years of experience working as a Salvadoran cook.