Gabriel Gamez and Enrique Loyola, founders of On The Go LA
EWDD administers and supports several incubators in the City of Los Angeles through Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding, including Grid110, an economic and community development non-profit dedicated to creating pathways to success for early-stage entrepreneurs in Los Angeles.

Grid110 recently highlighted participants Gabriel Gamez and Enrique Loyola, founders of On The Go LA, which provides an easy, low-cost way for local food entrepreneurs — chefs, pop-ups, and caterers — to rent a food truck and serve their food to multiple communities around the City.

Cultivating Entrepreneurs through EWDD Supported Incubators

On the Go LA provides local food entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow their business and revenue through single and multi-day food truck rentals. The company offers a seamless process by providing the truck, permits, high-traffic stops, marketing, and operational support, which lets the entrepreneurs focus on what they do best — serve great, new food to local Angelenos.

Childhood best friends since kindergarten at Saint Cecilia School in South LA, Enrique and Gabriel launched the business to help local food vendors who were struggling to make ends meet during COVID-19. In a recent post on GRID110's Medium blog, the business partners detailed how they benefited from expert mentorship and critical resources.

“We were able to cut through a lot of the fluff and get to the core of our business, specifically through in-depth conversations during Office Hour sessions with the Grid110 mentors. Overall, our Grid110 experience has made us recognize that while our journey as entrepreneurs is unique to us, we have a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to motivate one another and grind it out. Grid110 consistently emphasized the idea of not comparing ourselves to others but instead being realistic and patient on our way to achieving our goals.”

What advice would they give to founders considering applying to Grid110? “This program is meant to challenge you as you build your venture, so understand that every critique of your business comes with the best intentions. The Grid110 network is expansive. If you take advantage of connecting with alumni and current advisors, you will be better positioned to set and accomplish goals for your company. You won’t ever feel alone on this journey of entrepreneurship as a part of the Grid110 family because there is a sense of genuine camaraderie and unmatched support.”

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