The South Region YouthSource Center run by CRCD recently held a financial empowerment workshop for 15 youth participants
The South Region YouthSource Center, run by EWDD partner Coalition for Responsible Community Development (CRCD) successfully tested a pilot financial literacy workshop for 15 youth designed to enhance their financial wellness by teaching them proper financial management.

In collaboration with All Peoples FamilySource Center, 15 YouthSource Center participants were given a two-day financial literacy workshop covering such topics as: basic budgeting, understanding credit reports, credit card usage best practices, credit monitoring apps, identity theft protection, consumer’s rights and protections, and investing in stocks.

Students who completed the workshop received a certificate of completion, and eligible youth were given the opportunity to sign-up for the SaverLife program, an online program that rewards individuals for consistently saving at least $20 each month.

CRCD received positive feedback from the participants and is planning to host future financial literacy workshops for South LA youth.

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