small business incubators and accelerators

small business incubators and accelerators

EWDD administers and provides financial support to several incubators in the City of Los Angeles through Community Development Block Grants (CDBG). The incubator and accelerator programs contribute to the City's innovation landscape by supporting the creation and growth of start-ups.

Business incubators are specially designed programs to help young startups innovate and grow. They usually provide office spaces, mentorship, education, and access to investors. These resources allow companies to determine if a business concept is viable while building a network with like-minded individuals. Incubators require a commitment for a specific amount of time; typically 1-2 years.

Accelerators are similar to incubators but are short-term and fast-paced; typically only 3-4 months. Many accelerators are competitive and limit the number of participants. Most companies join accelerators hoping to be put on an aggressive growth trajectory.

Incubators and Accelerators Partnered with the City of L.A.:

for start-ups interested in green economy and fighting climate change

blue stylized circle border with the letters L A C I in the center
LACI is the City’s non-profit clean technology commercialization center focused on helping promising, early-stage clean technology companies bring their products and services to market, thereby creating "green" jobs in the City and promoting an inclusive green economy. LACI seeks to integrate and coordinate workforce training, a critical component of the cleantech ecosystem. Innovation and commercialization need a well-trained workforce of technicians to build large-scale companies and student technicians need a source for on-the-job training. Three programs are currently ongoing: Core Incubator, Market Access, and Founder’s Business Accelerator.

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for entrepreneurs looking to grow with a network community

Grid 110 logo: four sets of four dots ombre colored from dark gray to light yellow with name centered along bottom
Grid110 is a cohort-based startup accelerator program based in Downtown Los Angeles focused on supporting early-stage entrepreneurs and innovative companies by providing access to free programs, mentorship, and other critical startup resources. The goal is to help startups to scale with stable trajectory to stimulate economic and community development in Downtown LA, as well as other underserved regions in the Los Angeles area. Three programs are currently ongoing: Residency Program, PledgeLA Founders Fund, and Friends & Family.

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for food entrepreneurs looking to grow and expand into new sectors

Seasoned Accelerator logo: name in green layered over a cooking pot outline with herb leaf garnish on the top
Seasoned Accelerator is operated by Food Access LA. It supports food entrepreneurs, assisting them in being sustainable and profitable within the farmers’ market spaces, growing from sidewalk vending, and expanding into other business models. Food Access LA’s mission is to build sustainable food systems and promote social and cultural activities that benefit low- to moderate-income Los Angeles residents while supporting California's small and mid-sized farms and local small businesses.

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for corner and liquor stores looking to become healthy food retailers

three forks, each with a fresh vegetable, and the name in red layered to the right
Healthy Neighborhood Market Network is run by the Los Angeles Food Policy Council (LAFPC) and is at the forefront of improving the healthy food offerings of corner stores in Los Angeles’ communities of color by transforming corner markets and liquor stores into a convenient and healthy food retail option for residents. Storeowners receive training, guidance, and upgrades to their stores, transforming them into beacons of healthy, affordable food. Each market receives light technical assistance and/or medium technical assistance such as produce management, marketing, pricing and profitability, and store layout and design. Stores that successfully complete the first two phases can move on to receive transformational and post-transformational services.

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for start-ups interested in blue economy and ocean conservation

Accelerating a Blue Future launched in January 2022 at AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles, with companies focused on port efficiencies, aquaculture and fisheries, ocean observation, water and energy, and other sustainable ocean solutions. Entrepreneurs work with a team of advisors, instructors, and market partners to accelerate business growth on a path to commercialization, connecting with angel investors and seed and venture capital partners. Three programs are currently ongoing: LA Blue Ocean Pre-Accelerator, Celsius Ocean Pre-Accelerator, and Blue+ Ocean Accelerator.

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