L.A. Legacy Businesses: Rooted in History, Shaping Tomorrow; image of downtown Los Angeles at golden hour sunset

L.A. Legacy Businesses: Rooted in History, Shaping Tomorrow; image of a downtown Los Angeles street highlighting local businesses

The City of Los Angeles is launching an ongoing initiative to celebrate and support the visibility, history and sustainability of Legacy Businesses, small businesses that have been operational for 20 years or more. These longstanding enterprises in LA may be able to receive tangible benefits, including technical assistance, promotional support, and access to capital and grants. The Legacy Business Program will support the visibility, patronage, and sustainability of deep-rooted small businesses that contribute to the rich cultural and historical identity of Los Angeles. The program aims to foster economic empowerment by encouraging patronage of participating Legacy Businesses.


More than 50,000 businesses across the City of Los Angeles have operated for 20 years or more. As we look to the future of Los Angeles, we recognize the importance of our Legacy Businesses that have contributed to the culture and success of our neighborhoods and communities. The City of LA launched the Legacy Business Program to support and highlight these businesses and our unique neighborhoods.

The Legacy Business Program will provide benefits to foster economic resilience and support the longevity of Legacy Businesses. Benefits include:

Technical Assistance
resources and support for operational and technical issues Legacy Businesses may encounter
Financial Assistance
access to economic opportunities and capital, including the opportunity to apply for grants up to $20,000
Marketing Assistance
marketing assistance to increase visibility and exposure to potential customers
Government Connections
assistance navigating city government processes, programs and contracts


Small businesses face many challenges, such as increased competition, technological changes, shifting consumer preferences, narrow profit margins, exposure to rent increases, encroaching gentrification, and changing labor costs. But because many of these businesses have also been family-owned for generations, they often must also grapple with the challenges of succession planning, as younger family members may gravitate toward other career paths. The Legacy Business Program was created to help mitigate these negative impacts.

The Los Angeles Legacy Business Program can help the small business community navigate these challenges and give them the tools to pivot successfully around unexpected obstacles. Learn more about the Legacy Business Story.

LA Legacy Business logo with images of local Los Angeles-based businesses underneath

LA Legacy Business logo with images of local Los Angeles-based businesses underneath


What is a Legacy Business? A "Legacy Business" is defined as a business open to the public that has been in operation for 20 years or more within the same community, and which meets three of the following four criteria:
  • It contributes significantly to its community's history or identity.
  • It sustains and cultivates distinctive cultural traditions or practices.
  • The business is not franchised or affiliated with a national corporate chain.
  • It provides vital goods and services in a language and manner that is culturally accessible to the community.
Wondering how this program can help your small business? Find answers to the most common questions from our local business community. Visit Los Angeles Legacy Business Program FAQs to learn more.


Have more questions? We're eager to answer them! Please use our CONTACT FORM to reach out and let us know how we can help. Learn more about the Legacy Business Program at bit.ly/LAlegacy

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