Get Cash for Saving Energy and Water
person thinking about ways to reduce, reuse and recycle In Los Angeles, we are serious about cleaning up our environment and strive to be the cleanest, greenest big city in the United States. For that reason, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power offers many different ways for you to receive cash rebates and lower your utility bill while reducing your impact on the environment.

Below are a few ways that your business can improve its energy efficiency, waste management, and carbon footprint:
Install an Energy Efficient Chiller
Does your business use a chiller for space conditioning? You may qualify for cash rebates when you buy a more energy efficient chiller.

Install Energy Efficient Lighting
Reduce your firm's electricity bills and the cost of new lighting equipment by retrofitting existing fixtures with state-of-the-art, energy-efficient lighting technologies

Build an Energy Efficient Building
Receive cash incentives when you build a new energy efficient building

Install Energy Efficient Equipment and Systems
Receive cash incentives for the installation of energy saving measures, equipment or systems that exceed Title 24 or minimum industry standards

Receive Free Energy Efficient Lighting for Your Small Business
Receive a free lighting assessment, free lighting upgrades and free installation when you participate in the Small Business Direct Install Program

Install a Solar Power System
Receive incentive payments when you purchase and install your own solar power systems

Install Water Efficient Equipment
Get cash rebates when you install equipment that reduces your water consumption
Visit the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power website to learn more.