David Oliva (left) found a full-time job within two weeks after being released from prison With help from the Vernon-Central/LATTC WorkSource Center and Career Coach Jessica Fuentes (right)
The Vernon-Central/Los Angeles Technical Trade College (LATTC) WorkSource Center provided re-entry worker David Oliva with job search assistance, helping him find a full-time job within two weeks as a tow truck driver.

David was recently released from prison, having been incarcerated for more than 20 years. When he came to the WorkSource Center, he was afraid that due to his lack of skills and background it would be nearly impossible for him to gain employment.

Vernon-Central/LATTC WorkSource Career Coach Jessica Fuentes helped David create a resume and practiced responses in anticipation of difficult interview questions. David was diligent and passionate every step of the way and listened to everything his career coach recommended.

All of his hard work paid off as in just two weeks, he was offered full time employment as a tow truck driver. The WorkSource Center also offered David additional assistance providing him with work boots and gloves.

David is very excited for the new opportunities he has been presented with and advised others in his situation to “never give up, stay motivated.”

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