Tyren Brown (pictured) successfully transitioned to civil service status at HCIDLA through the City’s Targeted Local Hire Program
From the moment Tyren Brown started working part-time for the City of Los Angeles, he searched for an opportunity to join the City full-time. Today, Tyren is a full-time Admin Clerk with civil service status, thanks to the Targeted Local Hire Program (TLHP), which is designed to help under-served and under-employed Angelenos find an alternative pathway to civil service careers at the City.

The TLHP placed Tyren at the Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department (HCIDLA), where his daily duties include reviewing complaints and scheduling visits so inspectors can check buildings to make sure residents have hot water, electricity and gas, the necessary accommodations to make housing livable, he said.

“My services also provide a contributing factor to making sure that properties stay low income for certain people so that they can afford to stay there,” he said. His efforts work toward “Reducing homelessness, making it to where there are more properties that are affordable for people who don’t make enough.”

Working at the City makes him feel that he is part of a group of people whose lives are dedicated to providing services to local residents.

“It kind of gives me a sense of pride,” Tyren said. “I feel like I now have become an added link in the chain to strengthen that. I feel like my contributions are maybe not as great but they are of some positive nature. It brings me a lot of joy to know that I’m helping some people.”

Before joining the TLHP, Tyren worked part-time at the City for two years as a Special Programs Assistant, where he worked on graffiti removal, waste removal, painting, electrical work and other odd jobs, he said. At age 41, Tyren said he appreciates working in an office environment after years of working outdoors. He looks forward to potential promotions and is appreciative of the opportunities the TLHP has opened for him.

“It’s been an awesome feeling for me,” he said. “I feel like the program is an excellent program. It is definitely helping the community. I hope it stays around to continue helping the community and helping people get into the City who would like to pursue a career with the City of Los Angeles.”

Tyren said he received a lot of guidance toward the TLHP from his former supervisor and others at the (now temporarily closed) Crenshaw WorkSource Center, but it was his persistence that helped him land a job through the TLHP within four months.

“It definitely requires dedication,” he said. “Be persistent, don’t give up. Stay in contact with whoever they appoint you to be in contact with. In my persistence, it led me to get where I am now. It’s a lot of steps and it’s worth it.”

In partnership with the LA City’s Personnel Department, EWDD has processed nearly 8,600 TLHP applicants at nine WorkSource Centers that are approved application sites. Approximately 505 positions have been filled to-date, including clerical, vocational and custodial jobs at various City departments.

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